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Chestnut Peeler

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Chestnut Peeler


Dr. Chestnut can cut its peel slightly and thinly to remove nut's loss and maintain its shape. With stainless material and transparent window, customer can watch process peeing chestnut. It also be managed this machine in a sanitary way.
For 1 kg of chestnut, it takes around 40 sec to peel chestnut.
From department to traditional market, Dr. Chestnut has been sold.


  • Size: 350Ø*1000mm
  • Weight: 40kg
  • Material: Stainless, Acrylic
  • Time to peel: 20~50 Sec
  • Material of Blades: HSS


We, Geusan Co. has supplied Automation machine for Agricultural products (Chestnut piller) to domestic and oversea market (Canada, China, Japan etc) with lots of experience and know-how.
We have No. 1 market share for Chestnut piller in Korea and own many patents for this machine.

To expand oversea, we have particpated diverse exhibitions like KIEMSTA (Korea International Exhibition of Machinery, Material Science & Technology for Agriculture) and other foreign fairs.

We put our effort to continous investment to R&D and have developed better products with high quality.